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Medal Mounting info


Please see the following website on how to wear Orders, Decorations and Medals.

Governor General of Canada

We provide a most comprehensive medal service which includes the following:

-An excellent and complete mounting service for full size and miniature size medals including cleaning when necessary.

-A wide selection of miniature medals and extensive stock of miscellaneous bars and ribbon devices in all sizes.

-The most recent ribbons as they become available on the market including US, Legion and Association.

You may bring your medals to us to be remounted. Our regular business hours are from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm EST, Monday through Friday.

If you can’t bring them to us, you may send them to us (with a tracking #) with detailed list of instructions of your needs, your name and address + your phone number at the address in contacts us.

-Court Mounting Full Size $13.25 and Miniature Medals $12.75 each medal (Ribbons Supplied).

-Swing Mounting Full Size Medals and Miniature Medals $15.00 each medal (Ribbons Supplied).

-Legion Mounting Full Size Medals $14.75 each medal (Ribbons NOT Supplied, it as to be supplied by the costumer) 1st bar is complementary, 1.75$ for every bar thereafter.

-Bow Mounting Full Size $20.00 each and Miniature $15.00 each (Ribbons Supplied).

-Undress Ribbon with post pins on back Mounting $4.75 each ribbons
-Slide-on Undress Ribbons, Canadian Style Mounting $5.00 each ribbons

-Clean and protect Full Size $9.00 and Miniature Medals $7.00 each medal.

-Adding a devices or bars on a previously mounted medal is $5.00 per devices or bars added

Note: There may be an increased ribbon cost for decorations and rare medals.

After we receive your medals, the shipping staff will contact you for the invoice if needed. It will take about 2 to 6 weeks depending on our work load.

Shipping and handling costs will vary according to Delivery location and weight. Medals are sent Express Post with a signature required to ensure against loss or damage. Your address is needed to calculate the shipping costs and taxes. Cheque, Money order, Visa or MasterCard is acceptable.

Payment is required prior to your order being mailed back to you.

***Note that if you send your medals to us outside of Canada (unless they are coming through military or Canadian mail), customs may charge taxes on your medals shipped from you to us and vice versa. We are not responsible for these charges, and if we do get those charges, we will charge your credit card and the proof of charge will follow by mail.

For questions, please contact one of the team members of Joe Drouin Enterprises in the following link: CONTACT_US

Click on one of the links to see Mounting Styles or Wearer's Guide for miniature and full size medals