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Dear Customer.

We are unfortunately dealing with a major issue, out of our control, regarding the production of our masks ‘’Let we forget’’.
That being said, we may not be able to provide your product delivery before November 11th.
Considering that we are hoping to receive them starting next weekend, we would like to offer you the possibility to cancel and modify your order.
You are welcome to communicate with us by answering this email or by giving us a phone call at 1-819-568-6669 .
Be sure that our team will do everything to reduce the delay of delivery. We thank you for your comprehension and patience.

Wishing you a safe and pleasant day.

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Welcome to Denis Ringuette Enterprises Inc.

We are pleased to announce that Joe Drouin Enterprises Ltd. has been acquired by Denis Ringuette Enterprises Inc.

Slide-on / Undress Ribbons


Per the request of many of our military customers we can now supply some of the more recent slide-on / undress ribbons with post pins on back.

These undress ribbons are $4.50 for the Undress Ribbon with post pins on back each or $4.75 for the Slide-on Undress Ribbons, Canadian Style each plus taxes, shipping and handling. Please note that the slide-on rack is not included with the purchase of the slid on ribbon and must be supplied by the customer or you can get one in the Miscellaneous sub section of Medals, Ribbons & Etc. Maple leaves, numerals and other ribbon devices have additional cost.

For ordering slide-on / undress ribbons, please find the medal of the ribbon you are looking for and select it in the ribbon section or contact one of the team members of Joe Drouin Enterprises in the following link: CONTACT US

Please let us know which ribbons you already have and which ribbons you may need.