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"Combined RCASC Reunion/Association Dissolution Ceremony"
Important…..Important…..Important…..RCASC members of ALL Associations and Soldier Apprentice Association please ear mark 19-21 August 2016 for the last official reunion of the RCASC National Association and Soldier Apprentice Association… It is my understanding during this reunion various associations, [National, Ontario, Western and Apprentice] will be “dissolved”….Said reunion will be held in our home “Camp Borden” Ontario…….2016 is the 100th Anniversary of Base Borden it is hoped we, as a unit can piggy back on some of Borden’s physical plants, as well as other support, like honor guards, flag parties, and other various ceremony requirements. We as a CORPS are growing smaller each year, by 2016 the youngest member of the CORPS will be 70 years old, as we get older and medical problems prevent many of us from traveling the “turnout” at reunions has dwindled and become far more costly….,I ask ALL MEMBERS that read this to “spread” the word and to those associations mailing annual letters to their membership make sure this EVENT gets a high priority .. it is vital that we reach as many members as possible…..we are aware of the fact that AUGUST 2016 is a fair ways off but there is a ton of work to do and it will take time to track down the membership…. things have a way of creeping up …Over the past 18 months Soldier Apprentice representative Bill Raspberry and RCASC representative Donnie Cappler have been coordinating and planning activities between Base Borden and the Corps ….I say that with tongue in cheek, as I moved to Nanaimo, BC in June of 2014 and the bulk of the workload has been carried by Bill….thank you Bill for your dedication and excellent work….hopefully in the near future a committee will be struck in the “Camp Borden” area and more details, and concrete info will become available……See you in Borden 19-21 August 2016….God Bless, Donnie, April 23, 2015